Rome Metro (Metropolitana)

Rome is home to one of the world’s most iconic public transportation systems, the Rome Metro. The Metro has been a part of the city since 1955, when the first line opened, and today it serves more than 1.3 million passengers every day.

The Rome Metro consists of three lines – A (orange), B (blue), and C (light green) – and covers a total of 73 kilometers of track, with 73 stations throughout the city. The lines all intersect at the Termini Station, the central hub of the system, which is located in the heart of the city. This is where you will find the majority of the metro’s passengers, as it is a major transportation hub for the city.

The Rome Metro is one of the most efficient and convenient public transit systems in Europe. All of the trains are air-conditioned and run frequently, with the shortest wait time between trains being about three minutes. The stations are also well-maintained, with plenty of signs and maps to help passengers find their way around the city.

Riding the Rome Metro is a great way to explore the city. You can take a leisurely ride on the Metro to get from one part of the city to another, or you can even take a round-trip tour of the city’s most famous sites. The Metro also connects to other forms of public transportation in the city, such as buses, trams, and even the famous electric buses.

The Rome Metro is an excellent way to get around the city quickly and conveniently. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, it is a great way to explore Rome and its many attractions.